Re: [Circle] [LAG] Priority ageing, optimization, ... ?

From: Eric Green (
Date: 08/24/96

>You wrote:
>> Doing a rough calculation, i figured it probably was more efficient
>> to eliminate regening hp/mana/move once per tick (the way its done
>> now) and using events to regen one point at a time.
>No. Don't think so. It's not more efficient, just
>distributes what is here done as a bulk procedure.

The thinking goes sort of like this...

If you have 9950 mobs in your mud, and 50 players playing, each tick there
are 30,000 calls to hit/mana/move_gain() per tick.  Figuring an average of
15 points gained per tick in one area, that would leave 2000 mobs/players
with less than max hit/mana/move (or 666 in all three), which seems a lot
higher than what would be likely with 50 players.

Some real statistics might be interesting to look at, but i'm really not
concerned about it enough to care.

Of course, you can optimize the current system quite a bit (as well as the
event system), but thats a different discussion.


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