Re: [Circle] [Newbie] Running under Win95

From: collins (
Date: 08/26/96

>follow all directions, change to conf.h, rename to
>makefile, and make all needed changes in makefile, and i am using MSVC++

8<   Snipperonie and cheese  >8

I get this response 500 times when I ask how to run under Win95

Well, just to make things clear, for the millionth time, but for anyone else
that says read README.WIN to me if I ask again....

                            "I don't have MSVC++!!!!!"

Thank you for your time....


I've got a problem, you see, I don't have a Unix platform, therefore, I
haven't attepted to run GNUZip under Win95 (from what I've heard, GZip or
whatever only runs under MSDOS, Unix, etc), so how do you suggest I download
some tar.gz whatever. files (like most of the CM FTP Site files I can DL
those tar.gz. blah blah under WinZip, but otherwise, WinZip just tells me:
"Please name the file type", but how the hell  would I know?")  Now you know
why I haven't gotten Linux or those other kewl systems I hear about ever so
often...cause I can't DL 'em!!!

I know I'm not proprely equipped to run a MUD, that's why I'm on the list, so
I can figure out what I need, and what to do with it.

And if the response to this letter is like the response to my
"[Circle][Newbie] Running under Win95" letter, then email me personally so
ya don't fill up the post, unless you feel you have to! I dunno....just
email who you want....


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