Re: [Circle] [Newbie] Running under Win95

From: Ian Stephenson (
Date: 08/27/96

In message <>, writes
>I get this response 500 times when I ask how to run under Win95
>Well, just to make things clear, for the millionth time, but for anyone else
>that says read README.WIN to me if I ask again....
>                            "I don't have MSVC++!!!!!"
>I've got a problem, you see, I don't have a Unix platform, therefore, I
>haven't attepted to run GNUZip under Win95 (from what I've heard, GZip or
>whatever only runs under MSDOS, Unix, etc), so how do you suggest I download
>some tar.gz whatever. files (like most of the CM FTP Site files I can DL
>those tar.gz. blah blah under WinZip, but otherwise, WinZip just tells me:
>"Please name the file type", but how the hell  would I know?")  Now you know
>why I haven't gotten Linux or those other kewl systems I hear about ever so
>often...cause I can't DL 'em!!!

Er.  Par'n me, but methinks I've missed something here.

WinZip32 can unpack many things.  In a worst case scenario, it spawns a
DOS process which runs an external program (a good example being
ARJ.EXE).  GZip for MSDOS will probably work - it just has to be
configured correctly to be called from WinZip if you'll use it often.
If not, just run it from a DOS prompt.

BTW - only install Linux if you've got the time to learn Linux, or if
you're planning to run a serious multiuser MUD.  Oh, and don't bother if
you've got a SCSI controller!

Ian Stephenson
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