Re: [Circle] Circle under Win95

From: Ian Stephenson (
Date: 08/27/96

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Alex <> writes
>CircleMUD 3.0 beta patch level 11
>        Compiling Circlemud under win95, directions in  I
>follow all directions, change to conf.h, rename to
>makefile, and make all needed changes in makefile, and i am using MSVC++
>        But after making changes in makefile, the readme says to, in the src
>dir, type NMAKE, wich is supossed to invoke microsoft's make, but when i
>type in NMAKE i just get: bad command or file name.
>        I am missing something and i do not have any idea what.
You don't need NMAKE (sorry Jeremy!).

Just open makefile as a "makefile" (ie: override the "Auto" and select
"makefile" in the drop-down box on the "open file" screen).  Select
"build" from the compile menu, and follow the prompts.  When it asks for
a project name, overwrite the default with "Circle".

Et voila....after possibly one warning (which is easily overcome by
editing comm.c), you should get a fully compiled Circle.exe.

If you get any other errors, check that "c:\msdev\bin\vcvars32" exists
in your Autoexec.bat.  This file sets up your environment variables
which are necessary.

Ian Stephenson
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