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From: Andrew Shryock (bp059@yfn.ysu.edu)
Date: 08/27/96

I just got this piece of autoexit code last night, when I looked over it I 
didn't see any bugs that would affect the way it ran.  When I compiled it
into my MUD, 3.0 patch 11, it just wouldn't run. I've tried numerous things
and none of them have seemed to work.  Can someone plz!!! help me with this

  int door;
/* Auto Exits. Shows room names instead of n s e w etc. -NM*/
  *buf = '\0';

  for (door = 0; door < NUM_OF_DIRS; door++)
    if (EXIT(ch, door) && EXIT(ch, door)->to_room != NOWHERE &&
        !IS_SET(EXIT(ch, door)->exit_info, EX_CLOSED)) {
      if (GET_LEVEL(ch) >= LVL_IMMORT)
        sprintf(buf2, "%-5s - [%5d] %s\r\n", dirs[door],
                world[EXIT(ch, door)->to_room].number,
                world[EXIT(ch, door)->to_room].name);
      else {
        sprintf(buf2, "%-5s - ", dirs[door]);
        if (IS_DARK(EXIT(ch, door)->to_room) && !CAN_SEE_IN_DARK(ch))
          strcat(buf2, "Too dark to tell\r\n");
        else {
          strcat(buf2, world[EXIT(ch, door)->to_room].name);
          strcat(buf2, "\r\n");
      strcat(buf, CAP(buf2));
  send_to_char("Obvious exits:\r\n", ch);

  if (*buf)
    send_to_char(buf, ch);
    send_to_char(" None.\r\n", ch);

Thanks in advance...


Aministrator at Black Blade

sinope.stayfree.co.uk 4000

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