[Circle] [NEWBIE] [WIN95] Answer to your MSVC++ 4.0 questions

From: McDonald,Andrew W (Andrew_McDonald@mc.xerox.com)
Date: 08/27/96

I develop under Windows NT 3.51 using MS Visual C++ 4.0 Standard edition. I
didn't use the makefile that was distributed with circlebpl11 at all. I 
created a new project of win32 type (or something like that, maybe
console -- i forget which) and then simply added all the source files in
the src directory. 

Just a few advantages that I've found while using VC+4:
- Real development environment, no textedit crap.
- If you compile with the browse option, it enables simple right click 
 to jump from a function reference to a definition (or vise-versa) --
 saves a lot grep-time.
- Run the mud in debug mode when coding new things helps a lot on debugging,
 its very easy to use, just place the mouse over the variable for 2 seconds
 and it pops up the value/address.
- Use the bookmarks to mark the date and location of your modifications 
 from stock

Also, the Standard edition is available at just about any college 
bookstore for $49.95.  This is the edition I got, it is the same standard
edition, just at an educational price.  You might have to have a college
ID depending on the store you buy it from. Also I think I remember
something about not using it for commercial purposes, etc -- which I'm
not. The professional or other higher editions have some nice stuff, but
nothing critical for mud development (some code analysis/streamlining
functions etc.) The bookstore should have a list saying what's not in the
standard edition.  One thing you should know, if you plan on developing
16-bit apps you're going to have to use MSVC++ 1.52, which is included in
the 4.0 edition, but is a separate CD and application. 4.0 only develops
32 bit apps that run on NT/95.

So if you can afford the $50 bucks, and the time to learn it well, its 
a definite plus, even on your resume. VC++ over NT programmers carry a
VERY hefty _starting_ salary nowadays...trust me, put it on your resume.

Mr. Andrew McDonald			Programmer/Analyst
Andrew_McDonald@MC.XEROX.COM	Xerox USCO HQ

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