[Circle] CODE(again) :)

From: jubjub (jubjub@cjnetworks.com)
Date: 08/30/96

Ok, I've begun to work on that setcomm thing, but I am getting errors
in it.  I am not a c-coder (as I've stated before) so please bear with
me and kinda help me get through these errors, then I should be able to
get the rest of it done on my own.  Anyway, here is the bit of code I've
written, and I'm sure I screwed something up real bad, but I really
don't know that much about mud coding, so try not to laugh. :)
send_to_char("Do you want to hear gossip channel?", ch)                 
STATE(ch) = CON_DEAFGOSSIP;                                             
if(!strcmp(arg, "y") || !strcmp(arg, "Y")) {                             
  send_to_char("Ok, nothing changed",
  Now here's what went wrong.  At one point I had the "ch" replaced with
"d" (like the other parts of the code have it) but it kept saying it was
undeclared.  Also, it says "structure has no member named connected"
which is way over my head, and the it says "void value not ignored as it
ought to be"  Last, it gives me a warning saying the my PRF_TOG line is
not computed as it ought to be.  I could really use some help here,
thanx :_	
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