[Code] [Newbie] Races

From: Michael M. McLoughlin (mmclough@meceng.coe.neu.edu)
Date: 09/01/96

Ok, I downloaded races.doc from the ftp site and when I wrote it in to my
code and compiled it, it gave me an erroor that in stucts.h I am missing a
')' before a '->' right were you define the RACE_IS_<RACE>.. I copied it
completely from the docs and even did it again and it continues to give
this error.  Now the race.doc says it was ment for an older patched level
but doesn't specify which patchlevel it was ment for.  I then proceded to
put patched_src.1.0.tar.gz into my directory and it compiles up to a point
and gives errors and stops compiling.  I am running it in windows but
don't think that is the problem and was wondering if anyone came across
the same problems as I or someone who knows what I'm doing wrong or what
is wrong with the code.  ANY suggestions would be appreciated since this
is just been frustrating me for the past couple days ;)


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