Re: [CODE] EQ Positions

From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 09/01/96


I basically just wanted to say that it is possible to add WEAR_xxx vectors
in ANY order you like to, it's just fiddeling arround with the existing
code. As someone allready said (the original poster) the obvious way of
adding and modifying the existing WEAR_xxx vectors so they are renumbered
is a bad idea, as it f*cks up the Zone files in your areas. Made the
mobiles on my mud wear ITEM_WIELD stuff on their ears... *g* The right
solution (in my oppinion) is to add the new vectors at the bottom of the
existing ones, if you're doing it from a scratch mud, it's adding
WEAR_bananas 15, and then go to the wear/eq routines and change the
display order of the WEAR_bananas to be over the WEAR_HEAD stuff for
instance. It's not that difficult actually, just need to check thru all
the procedures called by look at char, equipment and thats it.. (I think
it is .. :)

hope that helpz,

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