Re: Is it possible to replace all "\r\n" with just "\n"

From: Dirk Raebiger (a2731908@athena.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE)
Date: 09/01/96

Hi there, Thomas (Kilian?)!

On Sat, 31 Aug 1996, Katzlberger Thomas wrote:

> Is it possible to replace all "\r\n" with just "\n" without
> making some DOS/Windoze clients useless. I was wondering
> because most MUD's using olc stack \r's on the end of each line
> whenever one saves the zone. And I think any normal
> vt100 / telnet client understands just \n's too.

I guess thats not a problem of telnet clients. Many people connect to a 
mud by calling a server through a modem line and using a terminal 
program (so they dont have a direct internet line). At least MS-DOS based 
computers (and the ATARI too?) needs a \n\r to display the CR/LF right.
I wrote a bbs some years ago and got many complainments from those users.

Bye, Dirk (Fulmen of MultiMud)

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