From: annick elziere (aveae@postoffice.ptd.net)
Date: 09/04/96

    Can someone give a dumba$$ a clue as to what needs fixing when im
running MSVC++ NMAKE and i get and error,  '(something)' : undeclared 
    Because i added an additional displat prompt item(like PRF_DISPHP,
PRF_DISPMANA..) called PRF_DISPEXPLVL(wich shows how much exp you need
to gain for your next level.  I defined it in structs.h below DISPHP
and DISPMANA are defined.  But when i run nmake and it gets to comm.c
i get 'PRF_DISPEXPLVL' : undeclared identifier:(

                 If anyone has an idea what i need to do or what i am
                 doing wrong, please help.

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