[AD] Coders and Builders needed.

From: Cyber Reaper (Reaper@cyber.reno.nv.us)
Date: 09/05/96

greatings, I am the IMP of Realms of Reality mud, I am looking for a few
good builders and at least one good (fulltime) coder.

coder:  my code is very firm, but I have many ideas that I want added in,
the code is not stock, it has been alterd heavly, and I lost my two coders
(there mud is back up) if you are intrested please respond to me not the list. 

builders: I also lost my builders, I need a few to a: finish the undone
job's and B: start new jobs, if you have good ideas and are not slow please

I would like to make Realms of Reality the best mud around, but it will take
some work, also if posabule I would like one coder just for spells and
spec_proc's. togeather we can make this mud the best around.... 

now for my bit of CIRCLE code, I have a working UPME command to reimp
characters after a crash, if anyone wants a copy of the code please let me

                []------------Realms Of Reality!-----------[]
                 |      ****OPEN FOR BETA TESTERS****      |
                 |      ****NEED MORE builders!!!****      |
                 |      ******NEED MORE CODERS!******      |
                 | http://greatbasin.net/~cyber/index.html |
                 |   telnet://login.greatbasin.net 4000    |
                 |                                         |
                 |    mailto://Reaper@cyber.reno.nv.us     |

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From: Per Nielsen <lk4150@krull.dk>
To: Attax <abe@ert.com>
Subject: Joining Up
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 96 22:56:00
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Sorry for the long wait but I have thought long and hard over this subject,
and after many sleepless nights I came up with the following descision.
I will, for as long as I have the current server, try and get my hands on a
new site. If I do not succeed, I will give up MUDcoding (At least for running
muds), and release my code to the public, for anyone who might be interested.
Please, do not take this personal, but like we talked about earlier I feel
very strongly about this MUD, and still have a number of ideas I would like to
do before the game is over (Server is shut down). If you wanna talk code :),
or are more specifically interested in anything I have done, I will be more
than happy to share with you.
Sorry things did not work out.

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From: Per Nielsen <lk4150@krull.dk>
To: Per Andersen <pand@dec51.tietgen.dk>
Subject: Soendag
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 96 03:39:00
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Hej Per

Angaaende Soendag formiddag, bliver noed til at lukke mig ind som saedvanligt
da jeg grundet arbejde ikke har naaet at faa mit kort aabnet.
Ring til mig Soendag naar du kommer ud paa skolen saa vi kan lave en aftale.

Vi ses

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