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Date: 09/05/96

At 09:50 PM 9/3/96 -0400, you wrote:
>> grep?, i take it grep is some kind of unix type command?  If it is,> i am
>editing and testing through win95 at the present.
>grep is a Unix command but MSVC has a Find In File command and I know
>Borland had a dos version of grep.  If you fall short on both of these just
>open the file in NotePad or Write and do a search in the header file... Ok
>maybe that one is a little tedious but you got to work with what you got ;)

There is also a win95 tool exactly like grep, (well not as powerful but come
on, neither is windows) I do not know a site off the top of my head but if
you really want it mail me and I will dig it back up.


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