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From: Argus (
Date: 09/06/96

> I was think about add code to Circle mud that E-mail bugs, and
> suggestion to me instead of putting them into a file. Before I recreated
> the wheel has anyone played with idea before ? 

i wrote a simple script file and put in in the lib/misc directory 
(this is for Linux folx)

date >> lib/misc/bugs
date >> lib/misc/typos
date >> lib/misc/ideas
cp lib/misc/bugs lib/misc/bugs.bak
cp lib/misc/typos lib/misc/typos.bak
cp lib/misc/ideas lib/misc/ideas.bak
mail -sBugs mud < lib/misc/bugs
mail -sTypos mud < lib/misc/typos
mail -sIdeas mud < lib/misc/ideas
rm lib/misc/bugs
rm lib/misc/typos
rm lib/misc/ideas
touch lib/misc/bugs
touch lib/misc/ideas
touch lib/misc/typos

(You might want to put your whole path in before the lib/misc)
Also you will need to set up an alias in /etc in the aliases file to 
send the mail to.. (if you are not root then you can set up you own 
alias) Ours in mud.  This sends all these files to all the imms.

I also created a crontab for this so it runs every M,W,F at 2:33 am

to do this you have to edit your crontab file: 
Type crontab -e to edit your crontab file (if your sysadm gives you 

Then I used:  
33 02 * * 01,03,05 /mud/lib/misc/mudlogs

for the crontab entry... and poof... I get the stuff sent every 
night... :)  If you want to learn more about the crontab check the 
man pages

telnet: 7777

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