Re: [Code] multiattacks crash

From: Admin of The Keep (
Date: 09/09/96

On Sun, 8 Sep 1996, Rob Hofstetter wrote:

> -- [ From: Rob Hofstetter * EMC.Ver #3.2 ] --
> I've implemented the same kind of multiattack that annick was trying, and I too
> crash after a few rounds. I however, didn't change anything with the messaging.
> The crashes are fairly random, and even happened to the imp. Since I was getting
> a protection violation I tried increasing stack and heapsizes to 16meg and 64meg
> respectively. It didn't have any effect on the situation. Other than these
> changes to perform_violence, I didn't change a whole lot. Added the skills of
> course. Anybody have any ideas what's goin on?

Before your second hit() function call, put in:
  if (FIGHTING(ch))

If you don't, then whenever something is killed by the first round of
combat, you have FIGHTING(ch) pointing to a bad area of memory and thus
you get the crash.


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