Re: Sun compile problems.

From: Stefan Rensing (
Date: 09/09/96

> Still having some problems with this.  Got it running, but
> now the playefile is all messed up.  Also getting impl. decl. or
> ungetc (which is in stdio.h under linux), but seems like under Sun its not
> there (although man pages tell me so). 

Ungetc should be in stdio, yep. Which OS do you run ?
Under Solaris 2.4 and 2.5 you can compile with these options:
MYFLAGS = -g -Wall -O4
LIBS = -lm -lsocket -lnsl -lcurses -lucb -L/usr/ucblib

Valid for gcc, I have compiled with 2.5.x under 2.3 and am running 2.7.2
under 2.5 now.

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:P          I have just got the source for circleMUD v3.0
:P          It only had 34 lev. so i made it so it had 100 lev.
:P 	 When i tried to make more levels it came up with an
:P 	 error saying "more than 100 lev." (etc.) can 
:P 	 someone tell me where i can get a code for 330 levels.
:P          Or attach the class.c and structs.h for the 330 in an
:P 	 e-mail.IT WOULD BE MUCH APPRIECIETED (sorry about the spelling)	
the only annoying part about putting in so many levels is adding to
all the tables - the xp table in class.c, the saving throw tables in
magic.c and the thaco table in class.c - i doubt you will find anybody
willing to fill in all those numbers for you ;)

i would suggest just creating a formula for these numbers, e.g. for
thaco, in fight.c (probably near the top), put in a function like:

int find_thaco(struct char_data *ch)
/* change these forumlas to whatever works for your mud :)  -ejg */
if (IS_WARRIOR(ch))
	t = GET_LEVEL(ch);
if (IS_MAGIC_USER(ch))
	t = GET_LEVEL(ch) / 3;
if (IS_CLERIC(ch))
	t = GET_LEVEL(ch) * ((float)2 / 3);
if (IS_THIEF(ch))
	t = GET_LEVEL(ch) / 2;

and then in fight.c, replace the line in the hit fuction
	calc_thaco = thaco[(int) GET_CLASS(ch)][(int) GET_LEVEL(ch)];
	calc_thaco = 20 - find_thaco(ch);

or you will probably want to make it out of 100 instead of 20, if you
plan on using that many levels, but then you will have to make some
other changes as well in the hit function... 

do something similiar with the other numbers.  this is also a good way
(i hope :)  of handling "infinite" levels, as was mentioned earlier on
this list.
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