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From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 09/09/96

On Sun, 8 Sep 1996, annick elziere wrote:

>     I see that im not the only one having problems with using that
> system for going about multiple attacks, I have tried numorous
> variations of that type of system and they all seem to do the same
> thing.
>     If none of you circle guru's know whats wrong with this type
> of system, can you guide me toward a better way?  Im not looking
> for code, just for an idea or a direction to go about it.

Not to flame anyone, but I think people might be a little fed up answering
the same question, because that's what it basically is. The solution to
keep the mud from segfaulting due to the addition of multiple-hits inside
the perform_violence() routine is to make a :

if (FIGHTING(ch))
  ... do some hit stuff and skill checking

That will stop all the crashes, at least some of them :)
What happens is, that when you call the hit() function it calls the
damage() function, which MIGHT 'kill' the mob/player ch is fighting, and
extract it from the game (by calling die())..... Thus, if you call hit()
successfully after that, before ending the perform_violence() routine, you
will be trying to kill/hit something thats no longer in the game...
This causes SERIOUS problems (segmentation faults, on everything but
Linux - personal oppinion :).

Using Linux for mud devellopment sucks  (allso my oppinion, because it's
too forgiving at present!). Does anyone know if it's possible for a C.S.
student, to obtain a free copy of Solaris for the intel family proccessors


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