[newbie] 330 lev code

From: Jason Marles (gcl@powerup.com.au)
Date: 09/10/96

Hi all...
         I have just got the source for circleMUD v3.0
         It only had 34 lev. so i made it so it had 100 lev.
	 When i tried to make more levels it came up with an
	 error saying "more than 100 lev." (etc.)...so can 
	 someone tell me where i can get a code for 330 levels.
         Or attach the class.c and structs.h for the 330 in an
	 e-mail.IT WOULD BE MUCH APPRIECIETED (sorry about the spelling)	
                I am running CircleMUD v3.0 on win95
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