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From: Chuck (
Date: 09/10/96

At 08:26 AM 9/10/96 -0700, you wrote:
> only 13, and know little c++. but i have a few world i want to 
>implement into my mud. One of the has these files 200.wld, 200.zon, 
>200.obj 200.<something else>...i put them into the appropriet directery 
>but when i play the mud i cant see the zone.. i think this is because i 
>have to edit the 200.wld and join it up with my mud...but i dont know 
>how!!! (problem Hey)...please help me somehow
>Regards: Jason Marles
You must also add the filename to the index file in each world
directory (and if you are still running in quick mode, the
file also)

Oh yea, I believe the files must be in sequential order too in the index

As far as joining it up, you must link a room to your zone if you want
players to access the zone but a god can goto any zone loaded. I have
several zones that are not linked to the main world. (god rooms, newbie
school, zones I use as ships, freeze room, etc...)

Good luck,


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