DOH! arcives or sending me a copy.

From: Terry Valladon (
Date: 09/10/96

I hade a HD crash and lost all my mail, I need to know where the messages
are arcived or have someone forword me a copy of the message about how to
add spells, I know it started like this.

OK, OK, Ill bite the bullet for you newbies and tell you how to add new spells, 

or somthing like that... I NEED THIS FILE. also can someone point me to a
file that explanes all of the $N $n and stuff for the ACT. I need these also....

CyberReapers's girl friend.

Realms of Reality.
telnet:// port 4000

also, to all of you that sent CR telling him you wanted to code or build, if
he did not get back to you please re send.... thank you.

Jazzper (goddes of light)

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