Re: Newbie: Using the unused value0 for Weapons?

From: Skylar (
Date: 09/10/96

On Tue, 10 Sep 1996, Homer Simpson wrote:

> Hi all,
>        I have just added weapon prof skills, eg 1h slashing, 1h piercing,
> etc and now want to use the unused value0 in the weapon object type. This
> will be used to determine what skill the weapon uses. Eg 1 = 1h slashing
> etc. How do I go about using this value?

Erm... it seems like a pain to add a new value to each weapon... you 
might miss some too... why dont you just use the attack type to determine 
what proficency is involved... i.e. I use SKILL_SLASHING (a weapon prof)
to boost damage if the weapon is TYPE_SLASH, TYPE_CLAW, TYPE_THRASH or
TYPE_WHIP... and similar groupings... every attack type I have fits into
slashing, piercing, chopping, or blunt plus some magical/energy based ones
which dont use proficencies... the attack-type is already there, so why
not use it? (value 3).  Anyway, if you still want to use val 0 for the
prof type, an easy way to access it is to make a macro for it...

#define GET_PROF_TYPE(obj)	(GET_OBJ_TYPE(obj) == ITEM_WEAPON ? \
                                 (obj)->obj_flags.value[0] : -1)

and just call it like...

prof = GET_PROF_TYPE(ch->equipment[WEAR_WIELD])

... which will return -1 if the obj issnt a weapon.  I guess you could just
as easilly use GET_OBJ_VAL(obj, 0) and make yer own check for weapon...

Well, hope this helps... oh, BTW - if you havnt added resistances yet and
plan to, now is a perfect time... reverse weapon proficencies makes an
excellent resistance formula... you probably want to check the resistance
AFTER the proficency to get a more realistic %...


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