Re: Kinda bug problem.

From: James Rackley (
Date: 09/10/96

Chuck you are correct if say they have 2000 XP and need 5000 to level if 
they died and theier XP went to say 1500 then they'd need 5500 to get to 
next level.

On Tue, 10 Sep 1996, Chuck wrote:

> At 01:34 PM 9/10/96 +1000, you wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >       After mucking around with a new character in my mud recently I
> >found what could be a big problem. As we all know whenever a char levels
> >they get extra HP, Mana, Moves and pracs. But if they die and loose a
> >level they dont loose those HP etc that they just gained. So a sneaky
> >player could just get to level 2. Then get killed by something that will
> >drop his/her exp below level 2 number and loose a level. Then keep do this
> >over and over, getting heaps of HP, Mana, etc. Has anyone worked out a way
> >to stop this happening? I though of adding a new variable for Max HP, mana
> >and moves, which would hold the stats from the chars previous level. Then
> >when a player dies these values are set for the current. However I havn't
> >worked out how to remove pracs, as players could spend their pracs after
> >leveling and then die and relevel again. :(
> >
> If I am not mistaken, players do not lose levels when their exp drops below
> that required for their current level. ie: 2000 exp required for lev 2, players
> has 2010 and dies bringing him to 1500 or whatever, I believe he is still level
> 2. (just takes him longer to reach lev 3)
> I may be wrong, anyone?
> Chuck
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