From: annick elziere (aveae@postoffice.ptd.net)
Date: 09/13/96

Hi-I just added a new skill, "camp", wich if you have a tent
you can camp instead of sleeping for a higher regen.  When
you camp it puts you into POS_CAMPING.  Now the
skill works fine and all but when you are camping you can
still move around and look, wich is stopped in command_interpreter
in interpreter.c, I added another check in the switch for 

     send_to_char("In your dreams or what?\r\n", ch);

But after this if you are camping you can still look and move around
and perform commands.

Does anyone see or know of something wrong?  Hope  so


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You wrote:
> On Fri, 13 Sep 1996, The Chuckster wrote:

> Stock Mud++ has a well developed Socket class that does warm
> reboots. Its C++ but I think it might be a good place to devlop
> your ideas.

Hmmm, did you get mud++ to compile and run ??
I tried, but the number of errors that I get is bigger than
of any other project I have seen (even with gcc-2.7.2).
Usage of bool (basic data type in gcc-2.7.2) and 
constructors that have the same name as macros defined
in system headers make it a little bit hard to compile.

Nevertheless I scanned through the socket class and 
saw no major differences to Circle in funcionality
or implementation. I don't think you can keep descriptors
alive when the process gets killed. The only way of 
'warm' reboots (whatever that means) is that you use elf and
dynamically link object files in and out at runtime.

If I am wrong, give me a hint at which lines I should look in

BTW: does anybody know how to forward a descriptor to a 
new connection? Like if I type at the mud prompt:

> connect some.other.mud 4000

and get logged in there (well without blocking the mud). 

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