[Code] Pfile problem

From: jubjub (jubjub@cjnetworks.com)
Date: 09/15/96

Hey all:
   I was wondering if anyone knew how to modify, or at least read the
player files.  See, I incorporated a death and mobkill counter, but I am
having a great deal of trouble getting the new structs to work with my
current player file.  Is there any way to "update" it?  I am doubting
that that is too likely, and that I will need to wipe the pfile, so I
had another question.  Is there some way that I can look at the
passwords, etc in the pfile?  All the gods get on at diff times, so it
would be a real hassle manually re-advancing all of them, and doing it
with some kinda code word is too risky.  Please send me any ideas you
have on either of these to prospects.
   One last thing.  I would REALLY appreciate a copy of the clan code
put on here a while ago.  Will someone please send that my way?  Thanx.
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