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Date: 09/15/96

On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, jubjub wrote:

> Hey all:
>    Just a real quick question.  I finally got a system that keeps a
> running tally of the mobs you kill, the number of times you get killed,
> and the number of pks you rack up, but I am having one small problem
> still. Though it works perfectly well and keeps an accurate count, when
> you quit and log off, it resets it.  I am wondering how I can make it
> save to the player file the points for each of these fields.  By that I
> just mean saving, for instance, the number of mobkills, so that the
> number you have when you get back on is the same number you had when you
> last were on.  Any input would be appreciated.  Thanx for your time.

Replace the 'int spare#'s in structs.h under one of the structures.  (I
forget, because my structs.h is so drastacically different from stock)  I
think it's something like player_data_saved(?).  After that you can create
some macros (or if you already have some, change them) to point to all of
the things, eg:

  #define MOBKILLS(ch)		(ch->player_specials.mobkills)
  #define PLRKILLS(ch)		(ch->player_specials.plrkills)

Currently I count the players deaths, pkills, mob kills, flees and a lot
of other unimplemented things, too.

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