[CODE] Multiple Bulletin Boards in a Room

From: Brian M. Menges (haddixx@megamed.com)
Date: 09/17/96

I remember a while back someone on the list mentioned that he/she was going
to try to allow more than one bulletin board in a room.  This is a handy
porcedure that I would like to implement on my own MUD.  I have around 5
different boards and it becomes a pain to move into each bulletin board
room or to use 'at <board room> l <board>', etc.  My problem is I don't
know how to go about getting started.  I don't have my code in front
of me but from what I can remember the special procedure just looks for the
first board in the room and all others won't be considered bulletin boards.
Any ideas on how I should or could proceed?

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