Re: Another Random Thought

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 09/17/96

Admin of The Keep wrote:
> I was thinking, today, of changing the CON_xxx system to use a various
> interpreters that can be set.  The player would have a pointer to a
> function in their descriptor_data.  For characters that are playing the
> game this would be set to the command interpreter, for those outside of
> it, you could set up various other parsers.  But as I thought about this,
> it seemed like something cool, but it also began to seem rather useless.

Not really!  I did something just like this a couple months back.

   * Nested interpreters.  You could be in the oedit state and
     call zedit, and then come back to the same position in oedit.
   * Allows for more builders to write OLC type tools without colliding
     with each other.

It's the sort of thing that would have to be included in the
standard CircleMUD distribution to be of maximal use though.  Due to
the way the code from individual MUDs tends to "circulate" underground,
if people did this sort of thing individually you'd end up with half
a dozen widely differing standards, kinda like the situation with OLC
today (where there was perhaps one original implementation that got
copied all over the place and mutated like crazy). 

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