Another Random Thought

From: Admin of The Keep (
Date: 09/16/96

I was thinking, today, of changing the CON_xxx system to use a various
interpreters that can be set.  The player would have a pointer to a
function in their descriptor_data.  For characters that are playing the
game this would be set to the command interpreter, for those outside of
it, you could set up various other parsers.  But as I thought about this,
it seemed like something cool, but it also began to seem rather useless.

The CON_xxx system works fine as is, although you do have to add con
states in 'structs.h' (which means you have to recompile the whole MUD).
I figured the individual parsers would give you a bit of aid as far as
that went, but that's a fairly trivial thing, IMHO...

But I figure there has to be more pros and cons to each of these, so if
someone has some ideas on why either way is good or bad, please tell me.
I like the parsers idea because you don't have to recompile the whole MUD
and you can put the function neatly seperate and where you want it.  It
gives the advantage of having that isolated code block easily accessable
and right where you want it, with what you need right there.  You can
easily modify the code, add variables, etc. instead of skipping around in


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