Newbie: A couple of questions.

From: Homer Simpson (
Date: 09/18/96

Hiya all,
         A couple of quick question which I hope someone can help me with.

(1) I'm about to add another door flag, or maybe 2 actually. One secret
normal door, and the other secret pickproof door. At the same time I'll
also add a hidden flag for objects. Then I can add a search command to
find these things. What I want to know is where I'll have to add checks so
that players dont see hidden doors and objects? I can see that the search
command will be quite easy. Just a % roll and if successful and a secret
door of object is present a little message and remove the flag on the
object of change the door type to its non-secret counterpart.

(2) I find that as a player you go down moves way to quickly. I was
thinking of changing moves to a floating point number so I could make
moves go down at a slower rate, instead of giving players like 1000
movement points which seem a bit stupid. How hard would it be to change
moves to a floating point? I dont mind having a pwipe as my mud isn't open
yet, so doesn't have any real players to wipe anyway. :)

Thanks in advance


aka Fionn Colvin :)
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