Re: Newbie: A couple of questions.

From: The Chuckster (
Date: 09/18/96

> (1) I'm about to add another door flag, or maybe 2 actually. One secret
> normal door, and the other secret pickproof door. At the same time I'll
> also add a hidden flag for objects. Then I can add a search command to
> find these things. What I want to know is where I'll have to add checks so
Well, to do this you only need one flag, DORR_SECRET, because the door
type is a bitvector, ie 4 + 2 = SECRET DOOR THAT IS PICKPROOF (*for my
mud anyway)

To make the door invisible you have to edit a few functions such as
lookin_direction, scan, exits, etc.. However, I have a problem that when
a player tries to go in the direction of a closed secret door, it says
the X is closed. I also added a detect secret ability, that when a 
player enters a room that has a secret door, he has a chance of spotting the secret
door and it will say, You see a secret door North. ....

> (2) I find that as a player you go down moves way to quickly. I was
> thinking of changing moves to a floating point number so I could make
> moves go down at a slower rate, instead of giving players like 1000
> movement points which seem a bit stupid. How hard would it be to change
This would would be unwise. Just decrease the move points requirements and
give players more move per advance/tick. It is no big deal having 5000 mv pts
if it balances in. I personally believe that stock circle is too generous
with move pts anyway, so I toughened them up a bit.  Also, if a char is
poisoned or diseased they do not gain any mv pts per tick. (makes sense
huh?) If you get poisoned, you had better have a cleric or antedotes with
you or you will probably die. Of course, my theme is strictly AD&D so it
depends on your theme I guess.

Good Luck,


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