OFF-TOPIC: Linux Networking (PPP)

From: Tyler.Wilhite/FASTTAX (Tyler.Wilhite/
Date: 09/19/96

Recently someone was having trouble setting up networking with an ethernet 
card, I'm also getting linux 'hooked' up to the net.  I need help with setting 
up ppp, i have read alot of doc files, help files, HOWTO's and such, and still 
no avail, I was wondering if anyone had a script that works like ppp-on or 
something, I might not have my modem set up correctly.  What happens when I try 
to execute the ppp-on script, it always fails, I mean I don't hear a dial tone 
or anything.  I know I should be more descriptive but all the things I have 
tried would take forever, if I knew linux like the back of my hand I could 
probably troubleshoot the problem, whereas I don't, so any help would be 


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