[Bug]Magi getting beat up

From: Derek L. Karnes (dkarnes@mystech.com)
Date: 09/19/96

If your magic users are getting beat up a lot even though they aren't
tanking, it could be these lines in do_cast() that is causing the
excessive blood spillage (spell_parser.c, approx line 736):

    if (SINFO.violent && tch && IS_NPC(tch))
      hit(tch, ch, TYPE_UNDEFINED);

This causes a mage to get attacked every time they cast and miss,
whether they are tanking or not... the fix is:

    if (SINFO.violent && tch && IS_NPC(tch) && !FIGHTING(tch))
      hit(tch, ch, TYPE_UNDEFINED);

This will make it so the mage only gets hit when they initiate a fight
with a spell and miss.


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