who format

From: Joe Vail (budd@gatecoms.gatecom.com)
Date: 09/20/96

I just changed the design of my who command, 
now it works  for mortals like this
{ Lvl %s } %-55s {race/class}
the race and class are all the way to the right of the screen. But
I need to be able to set another variable in between the {} {}'s
for prf and plr flags. I dont want the flags to show up as just !HASS
or anything. Want to call on flags, and if they are the certain flags
I want, want to have a KILLER flag show up as (killer) with my mud
colors. I dont know how to set this variable. Any ideas?

Joe Vail-Buddie                  ruins.casagrande.com 4000

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