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Date: 09/20/96

I'm sure this is VERY obvious, but I'm stumped... so I'd thought I'd send
it out into the lsit and see if one of you would take mercy upon me and
point it out!!!

I'm starting my own Mud (no suprise) and I'm having lots of fun coding it.
However, I'd like to add Races, no biggie I'm sure, but I have on intsy
bitsy little problem. I'd like to change the maximum attributes for
players so that they're dependant upon races!

I couldn't find it in act.item.c and I didn't see the refresh routine in
comm.c (i did find affect_update() ). I figure the mud has to recalculate
your aff_abils every time you take on or remove a peice of equipment, and
every time a spell wears off that affects attributes. I can of course
change class.c to throw higher stats - real_abils - based upon race but it
won't stick unless I can also change the maximum aff_abils so that
str_appy and int_apply and all the others are calculated also accordinly
to a higher scale!!!

BTW: I started with the basic lastest version of CircleMUD code...

HELP!!!! HELP!!!!

Thank you kindly,


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Subject:  [CODE] Use UNIX database gdbm/ndbm/dbm for player&object files ?
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Hello all!

I just stumbled onto the dbm thingy which comes with
all UNIXes:

NDBM(3)             UNIX Programmer's Manual              NDBM(3)

     dbm_open, dbm_close, dbm_fetch, dbm_store, dbm_delete,
     dbm_firstkey, dbm_nextkey, dbm_error, dbm_clearerr - data
     base subroutines

     These functions maintain key/content pairs in a data base.
     The functions will handle very large (a billion blocks)
     databases and will access a keyed item in one or two file
     system accesses.  This package replaces the earlier dbm(3x)
     library, which managed only a single database.

Wouldn't using those save us from many problems with playerfile,  
alias, objfile & saved_struct modification ?

The public domain gdbm package can be downloaded from Just in case its not installed ...

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