Re: [CODE] Use UNIX database gdbm/ndbm/dbm for pla

Date: 09/22/96

> [stuff about using gdbm for playerfiles]
> > thats fine but what about all the people on wintel machines, on os2 
> > on anything else they are trying to run it on.  Doing something like 
> > that would really tie us to a platform.
> No it wouldn't.  emx/gcc comes with a port of gdbm.  I'm pretty sure Win32
> gcc does the same.  Doesn't seem like we're being tied anywhere except to
> gcc, does it?

hmm yeh but aren't most of the people on the windows platform using 
msvc4.0,  If i remember from reading the readme that was all it's 
been officially tested on.  though i don't know why im argueing the 
point I'm using sunos  ;)


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