Re: FTP site and Circle Home

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 09/22/96

> Does anyone know what the hell is happenning to CircleMUD???
> is down and has been for I do not know how long.
> I can't ever log into the ftp site becasue of it's 20 *gasp*
> user max. (And I have tried almost every hour of the day over
> the last week) has been down since my personal machine (cambot) was
disconnected from the net a couple of weeks ago.
was my personal Linux box sitting in my bedroom connected by ethernet
to JHU's network and by JHU's fractional T3 to the Internet.  Since
I graduated and moved out I can no longer use that connection.

The domain and new, improved FTP site will come back up in another
1-2 weeks once I get my desktop machine at my new job.

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