[code]Syslog Problems

From: jubjub (jubjub@cjnetworks.com)
Date: 09/23/96

Hey all
  I have been getting two errors in my syslog, and though one seems as
if it may be harmless, the other is causing OasisOLC not to let you do
long descs.  I am baffled as for how to fix either of these problems, so
I would really appreciate any hints.  Thanx.

This one has to do with Oasisolc, and the error comes up when you go to
Long-desc(2).  What it does is, when you type in your desc and hit @ on
a blank line, it stays there until you hit enter again, at which point
your room desc is gone.  Anyway, here it is:

Thu Sep 19 19:27:50 :: SYSERR: Reached REDIT_DESC case in parse_redit

Here is the second one, I'm sure a result of the autoeq code, cause
that's where it seems to come in.  I'm not sure of its harm, but it sure
as hell is annoying. :)

Thu Sep 19 19:27:41 :: SYSERR: ch->in_room = NOWHERE when equipping

Well, there they are, and I will be very greatful to whoever can help me
figure them out.  Thanx.
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