Re: [Code] Check for knowing previous spell/skill??

From: Curtiss Cicco (
Date: 09/23/96

On Mon, 23 Sep 1996 17:53:20 +0200 Mikael Askernds said:
>Hi ..
>is not a problem but this is:
>-How do I make a check on the player to see if he knows a certain spell
> before he is allowed to prac a certain other one...
>  (He cant practise the BIG fireball until he learned the SMALL
    In the function SPECIAL(guild) in spec_procs.c you can add after the
first skill_num check you can add something like:

      if (skill_num == SPELL_BIG_FIREBALL)
        if (GET_SKILL(ch, SPELL_SMALL_FIREBALL) <= 0) {
          send_to_char("You must learn the small fireball first.\r\n", ch);
          return 1;

>-Also .. How do I set the maximum % of the "BIG fireball" to not exceed
> maximum % of the "SMALL fireball"

      Do you mean when practicing big fireball? or when casting it?

-- Curtiss
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