Re: [CODE] Search buffering

From: Sammy (
Date: 09/24/96

On Sun, 25 Aug 1996, jeremy elson wrote:

>     You'd be amazed at some of the strange optimizations 
>     I'm putting in to get a mud to run on this beast :)
> I love your idea of buffering the most recently searched-for mob, etc.: I 
> will probably put that in the stock code.  I have two questions for you, 
> though:  1) did you, perhaps, add some kind of counter to see what 
> percentage of the calls to real_xxx are hitting the buffer?  That would 
> be interesting to know.  2) what other similar optimizations have you used?

Sorry to take so long to reply.  Busy busy busy....

1) No but I've been meaning to :)  Next time I'm coding and remember it 
I'll put it in and let you know how it does.

2) Mostly zone reset stuff.  There were several zones that were taking a 
very long time to resets, so I made a change to the code where it resets 
all zones at boot time to skip certain zones by vnum, so they wouldn't 
reset till the first scheduled reset.  THat shaved a minute or two off 
the boot time.

  I also changed most of the fatal errors.  Every boot error produces a 
killscript so the mud doesn't keep booting.  Some day when I have time 
I'll make it put the sign command up (btw I also put a sleep(3) in sign 
right before it disconnects for people using certain windoze clients).  
I've also made a lot of the fatal errors less fatal.  If a board object 
doesn't exist, I set the board vnum to a generic board object and log a 
warning.  I had an overeager imp delete a bunch of files in the world 
hierarchy without editing the index files a couple times which produces 
some annoying file not found fatal errors.  I just made a little tweak to 
skip missing files, or maybe that's on my todo list.  I don't remember :)

  I've made a lot of little changes that would probably be great for 
stock circle but I rarely write anything down so I keep forgetting what 
I've done.  I'll check the mud boards and my rcs logs (thanks for the 
advice btw I love rcs) and let ya know what else I've done.


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