Re: [IDEAS] DEATH !!!!

From: Jeff Bostick (
Date: 09/24/96


Here is what I found of another Commerical MUD I played...

Okay, when you die, your corpse and equipment drop on the ground, as
usuaul, but your spirit sticks around for a set amount of time based on
your race and/or profession, then you depart automatically (about 10
minutes, Clerics stay longer than Sorcs, kinda idea)

Basically every command but talking is taken away from you, so your
stuck in an area, asking people to 'rezz' (ressurect [sp]) you, unless
you type a command called DEPART (self-explaining, see below for)

While your spirit is around, someone may drag you (and your spirit
automatically tags along) anywhere they wish (if they are strong enough,
based on race, prof, lev, stats, etc), usually to a cleric that knows a
spell called Ressurect, or Perserve (expand the amount of time your
spirit is around), if you are resurrected, then you are replaced back
into your corpse with all your equipment (anything held or wieled at
time of death is essentially dropped, so that is not taken along wiht
the corpse unless someone gets it for you)

BUT, if you Depart, then your corpse disappears (eq stays) and you are
transported to a temple or shrine or whatever, naked with no money.

This only happens if you have Deeds:

Deeds are supposibly(sp) gifts from the God(esse)s in return for an
offering :

((100*level)+(100*current #of deeds)+100) = value of offering(object or
coins, gems will lower this by half or one third). It's smart to stock
up on LOTS of deeds at low levels!

Every time you depart, one deed is taken away (if you are lv.2 or under,
you get 5 free deeds). If you have no deeds left, you are forced to
restart the game under a new character (I went through 3 characters like

Well, what do YOU think?

-Jeff (formerly known as J)

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