[Code] [System] Character mode in telnet

From: pi (mud@proimages.proimages.com)
Date: 09/25/96

Is anyone familiar with how to make Circle "tell" telnet to go to
character mode, and anything special that needs to be done as a result?

Also, I remember hearing before that this causes considerable strain on
the host machine, and slows things down.

I wanted to use cursor keys for movement, and needed a way to do this
without a <RETURN> after every line.  Either I am going to use normal
telnet and the game will be very accessible, or I will have to make a
telnet client which will restrict the game to those platforms which can
run the client (which I'd rather not do). 

p.s. I have been working on my mud lately, so I haven't been doing the
CircleMUD Windows editor.  If enough people tell me they want it (SOON!),
I can have the editor done by next week.  Otherwise, I shall eschew the
vagaries of Object Pascal under Windows 95 for the grace of C++ under
Linux, and work on my game.


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