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From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 09/26/96

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Hot Fudge Sundae wrote:

> Has anybody ever figured a way to extend the syslog or most likely the
> connection itself to the unix machine pull the user's login name?

Well, there is a file called something like ident.tar.gz or at least
containing the word ident as far as I remember, this is some code that
may, or may not patch right into your code depending on patchlevel and
modifications to your mud. It is however not a lot of code, so it is, wich
a little knowledge of how patchfiles are 'set up' and some intermediate
experience with C and CircleMUD possible to patch by hand. It will get you
the names of the players in terms of 'login' on mashines that run a so
called ident/inetd service on port 113 on the computer calling up the mud.
In my experience arround 30-50% have such a setup, so you don't just
magically get users logins installing the util.

Furthermore you'd have to devellop your own way of banning single users.
If I remember correctly it's not part of the distributed code, and if it
is I never personally used it anyway.

Hope diz' helps (just have to find an 'open' ftp site *grin*)


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