CODE: Reordering equip list

From: BuckFloyd (
Date: 09/27/96

Hiya all!

Got a couple of questions I hope somebody can help with.  I'm running 3.0pl11
on OS/2, and by
watching this mailing list, have been able to add a bunch of mods to my code
- even though
I didn't (and still don't) know a lick of C when I started.  If this is a
stupid question, please

Here's my current problem:  I've added a bunch of new wear positions (back,
upper leg, etc.)
and all works great.  However, I wanted to have the sequence in which it is
reordered, but it isn't working.   Here's what I've done so far.

1.  In structs.h, I changed the #define WEAR_ list to a new order sequence.
 I *did not*,  
     however, change ITEM_WEAR.

2.  In constants.c, I modified the *where[] and *equipment_types[] vars, to
reflect my 
     new preferred list order.

3.  I modified  act.informative.c by changing do_equip so that every wear
position would
     so "nothing" was displayed in a given wear position if it was empty
 (for testing).  

This part worked great.  Each wear position was displayed and was "nothing"
when I did

Problem:  I loaded some armor - head, feet, legs, etc, and did "wear all".  I
got a continual
stream of "You can't wear xxxxx there", from perform_wear in act.item.c.  If
I typed
"wear helmet head", that worked - sorta - as it said "You wear the helmet on
your ARM".
The rest of the armor went the same way - leggings on body, gloves on feet,
etc.  ARGH!

I have a feeling it has something to do with the find_eq_pos or the
wear_bitvectors section
in act.item.c, but this is where my lack of C knowledge is showing.  

Any ideas/opinions?  Thanks much.


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