Re: CODE: Reordering equip list

From: Sammy (
Date: 09/27/96

On Fri, 27 Sep 1996 wrote:

> Here's my current problem:  I've added a bunch of new wear positions (back,
> upper leg, etc.)
> and all works great.  However, I wanted to have the sequence in which it is
> displayed 
> reordered, but it isn't working.   Here's what I've done so far.
> 1.  In structs.h, I changed the #define WEAR_ list to a new order sequence.
>  I *did not*,  
>      however, change ITEM_WEAR.
> 2.  In constants.c, I modified the *where[] and *equipment_types[] vars, to
> reflect my 
>      new preferred list order.
> 3.  I modified  act.informative.c by changing do_equip so that every wear
> position would
>      so "nothing" was displayed in a given wear position if it was empty
>  (for testing).  

4.  Edit every single worn object in the entire mud.  You switched the 
meaning of the wear positions around, but the objects are still using the 
same values.  So if you switched WEAR_HEAD with WEAR_ARMS, all the old 
helmets become gauntlets and vice versa.

I see two choices.  Edit every object to work with the new system or 
write a convertor.   I'd fix it by putting a hack in parse_object to 
convert during bootup.  That alone will fix the problem.  Even better 
would be to write all the object files back out right after converting 
them, then take the conversion code out.  Presto chango :)

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