[Announcement] Windows Editor - Next CircEdit update...

From: M.C. Lewis (mc2@geocities.com)
Date: 09/28/96

I just tinkered around with the editor, trying to mess around with it,
and lo and behold I uncovered about half a page of errors in the mapper.
(It seems to show up when there are large numbers of rooms, in this
case, 13,000 in one zone.)

The next (fixed) version, with more features, should be out sometime
this weekend.  I will try to get load and save (of its own format) in
right after that so people can start making areas with it.  Circle
export will quickly follow with Circle import a bit later.  The
walkthrough mode will probably be after the rest is finished...

To keep track, here's the schedule:

Version 0.89b should be out tomorrow or Sunday, 0.90a a bit later, 
0.90b a little after that (save and load), 0.90c (Circle export) after,
0.90d (Circle import), 0.90e (walkthrough).  Any loose ends should be
tied up in 0.91 which should have full world editing.  0.92 will also
have zone editing, 0.93 mob editing, 0.94 obj editing, and 0.95 shop
editing.  I will relase 1.0 once the product is complete.

I will not be sending updates to this list (to cut down on spam), so
just keep checking the web site for the latest version.  Once again,



If you just want to wait for a usable editor, grab 0.90c.  0.91 will
have all the world editing done.  If you'd like to help me out (or
keep current) grab the other versions, too (and let me know what you

p.s. If you have a public ftp site where the editor can live, let me
know; I'm still looking for one. =)

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