Re: back up

From: Melen (
Date: 09/28/96

Quoted from a conversation on IRC:

[djs!] uhm, jelson's mad
[djs!] VERY mad
<-[djs]-> about?
[djs!] your misuse of #mud
<-[djs]-> excuse me?
[djs!] you have no idea how mad he got when you saw your
                         bots and ads on #mud.  He's wanting to pull your 
                         (which he can do)
<-[djs]-> you, sir, are a fool. No channels in IRC are 'owned' and I can do
          what I please with #mud. Noone has been in it for 6 months. So,
          basically, tough. I'm also logging this into an email to jeremy.
          We'll see...

[djs!] laugh
[djs!] ok
[djs!] fine
[djs!] If you really want to, that's fine by me
<-[djs]-> And who, exactly, are YOU?
[djs!] you aren't worth talking to.  Do it if you want, see
                         how he responds.  I don't owe you an 
explanation, I
                         came here trying to help the mud, though I don't 
                         why I did now
[djs!] bye

What kind of bullshit is this? Please tell me this guy is a freak or 
something because I think I have the right to advertise my mud on a 
*free* medium. That isn't breaking any licensing agreements.
Jesus... First Alex posting to the mailing list for everyone to 'inform 
him' of licensing violations, now THIS? Anyways, I'd really like to know 
if there's any truth in this.


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