Re: [Fwd: [OFF-TOPIC]]

From: Michael Steinmann (
Date: 09/29/96

Hmm, that is a little like saying, "If you do that I'll tell your mommy 
and you will be in big twobble"  It's uncalled for childishness.  I have 
no problem with advertising, but what really ticks me off is when someone 
has the balls to advertise on a channel, and then k/b the person for 
advertising their own.  Here's the thing, if you don't like someone's 
mud, don't play on it.  It's a simple concept, make you're own and be 
content.  It is true though that #mud is more of a channel for eshores, 
though not because they took it over, but because thats all the people 
who are there.  Agreed, there could be more appropriate names such as 
#eshores, or the sort.  My only problem is having mirc clones setting in 
the channel all day, if it is going to be a free channel, let it that way.

On Sat, 28 Sep 1996, Melen wrote:

> In a sentence: TOUGH SHIT.
> Efnet channels aren't owned and I didn't take it from anyone. There was 
> *NOONE* in there. And I can advertise my mud if I damn well want. Now, 
> you listen to me you little shit... If you attack my mud again, I WILL 
> have the admins at contact your ISP. I will not tolerate your 
> SLANDER for no reason. 
> I would highly advise removing this moron from this list. We don't need 
> this kind of useless slander. 
> Also, for the record. I don't restrict anyone from talking in #mud. 
> People just usually don't.
> Melen
> On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, jubjub wrote:
> > Hey all:
> >    I'm not sure how many of you irc, but if you have, you've probably
> > noticed that #mud is no longer a chat channel intended only for chat. 
> > It is now a place to harbor advertisements and other propaganda for a
> > mud at  I personally am very unhappy that a person
> > would take a channel that had long been used for coding help and other
> > general mud talking, and turn it into his own personal advertisement. 
> > If anyone feels that same way as me, please send me an email, because
> > #mud used to be a great institution for players and coders alike, and
> > now it has been messed up by one who wishes to advertise his CircleMUD
> > at the cost of all of our enjoyment and learing through #mud.
> > 						Jubjub
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