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Date: 09/29/96

On Fri, 27 Sep 1996, Haddixx wrote:

> I was looking through the do_help routine and noticed that there is nothing
> that prevents a mortal for looking up help on god commands.  I don't really 
> like the idea of mortals typing HELP SNOOP or HELP BAN.  I would like to
> prevent mortals from being able to access the help topics for anything in the
> wizhelp.hlp file.  Has anyone implemented this?  The only way I can think
> to segregate the two help topics is through the use of two seperate commands
> but this seems really inefficient and cumbersome, esp for the gods who would
> have to use two different commands to search the help topics.  Anyone have
> any ideas on this?  

In the keyword list add support for special codes such as:

  !L<x> !C<x> !R<x>

And have the db.c code find any of the keywords starting with ! and to
eliminate them, but set a variable in the help table.  Eg., !L31 would set
min_level to 31, !CM would set class_bitv to (1 << CLASS_MAGE), !RE would
set race_bitv to (1 << RACE_ELF), etc.

Then you can check for the situations in do_help.  This way, you don't
need to change the format of the help files.

For example, snoop's help entry might appear as:

  !L32 SNOOP
  Help entry text.

The !L32 code would limit anyone under level 32 from viewing the help
entry.  The !C for class delimiting would be useful if you wanted to
eliminate warriors getting help on songs/tales of bards, prayers of
priests and spells of the mage.  That way the only way your warriors could
figure out "just how powerful" that mage he's thinking about pkilling is,
would be personal experience.  No more formulating strategies to beat the
hell out of a mage when you shouldn't even know what the mage is capable

  "Forgive me father, for I am sin."

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