[Admin][CODE] Got a good book?

From: Ebon Mists (mud@quake.cloudnet.com)
Date: 09/30/96

I am looking to code some utilities for my mud which would run as seperate
processes... the main one would be a telent pass-through for the mud. You
telnet to the pass-through and then it gets your info and connects you to
the mud. Main use is so if the mud goes down you dont lose link, it puts you
on hold til the mud comes back up then reconnects everyone.

I have no idea how to code port to port or socket to socket or process to
process communication (like how the intermud software works...).

Can anyone reccomend a GOOD, easy to understand*, and informative book where
I could learn all or most of what I need to know to attempt this kind of
code? ANy ideas appreiciated. Also, if you know WHERE I can get this book
that'd help too. I've had people tell me of books before but not where to
get em :)

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