Re: [IDEA] Mortals and Immortal help topics

From: Admin of The Keep (
Date: 10/01/96

On Sun, 29 Sep 1996, Ebon Mists wrote:

> If you are running a hardcore RP mud, great, but 95% of the mudders out
> there would just quit out and make a sorcorer character to see it's
> helpfiles... that's a pretty lame restriction to put on people. I'm all for
> RP but a new character to a mud most likely wont want to stick around to ask
> if the info isnt readily avalable... kinda makes the mud extremely un-user
> friendly.

I'm lost on this one.  How exactly does not allowing cross-class help
files make the MUD extremely user unfriendly?  I doubt very few people are
so selective that they won't play a MUD that doesn't allow them to get any
kind of help on any class they want -- of course, on the other hand, most
people are too lazy to create a new character to get the help files, so
they just live with it.

In my opinion, though, a basic overview of each class should be availible.
Then, they can figure out what each class is *ABOUT*.  I think this kind
of misinformation can lead to interesting things in pkilling and rping
MUDs -- maybe in hack-n-slash, too.  Forcing people to think about their
chances instead of relying purely on CONSIDER.

  "Forgive me father, for I am sin."

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